Canon c300

Canon c300, london, hire, cameraman


The stunning Full HD Digital Cinema Camcorder follows on from the famous Canon 5D Mk 11 DSLR, producing full 1080P HD pictures at 23.98,24p(50 mbps only)25p,29.97p and 50p.

The ISO goes from 320 to an amazing 20,000 with a perfectly usable shot on a lot higher ISO than any other camera,making lighting all aspects of the shot less crucial.

The Camera is BBC approved at 50 mbps-unlike the Sony F3 -it records onto CF cards ,and if necessary ,can back up/record onto a 2 nd card simultaneously, thereby avoiding time spent at the end of the day.
It has an EF mount allowing any Canon glass to go in front of the body.

I have these lenses-all: T2.8
70-200-with a doubler so 140-400
Zeiss CP2 Super Speeds 35,50 and 85mm all T1.5
Tokina 11-16mm T2.8
Samyang Fisheye 8mm T2.8
Canon 100mm Macro T2.8
The camera comes with a Matte box and hand held rig-it really is a lovely piece of kit.

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